Back in the day, live betting was just a dream for gamblers. They used to fill in their betting slips before the game and follow the score to see if they might get a win. Now it’s all changed with the ability to bet on events from all over the world and at all times of the day as the event is in progress.

Live betting is good news for gamblers and even better for the bookmakers. Now they can provide ever-changing odds throughout a game on an ever-increasing number of markets all depending on what’s happening in the event.

It’s good news for us gamblers of course for several reasons. If our pre-match bet is struggling, then there’s ample opportunity to be able to place more bets to try and break even or hopefully make a profit.

The fluctuating odds element also gives us the opportunity to get some better odds on our selections. For example, you decide to back Liverpool to beat Manchester United and the pre-match odds are 1.66. The longer the game goes without a goal, the better the Liverpool odds will become. By 30 minutes, Liverpool could be 1.8 so if you still believe they are going to win, then put some more cash on at those improved odds.

Those odds will keep changing with the odds on a draw falling the longer the game is level. The odds on either side winning will keep getting longer and the temptation is there to place more on a win if you still believe there’ll be a positive result.

Of course, the problem is that if Liverpool did take the lead, their odds would tumble to perhaps 1.1 or 1.2. But with all the markets available you can continue to place bets on markets that have much better odds. For example, who’ll score the next goal, what the final score will be, and which team will score next, it’s a massive list.

Then there’s the cash out feature that gives you the opportunity to end your bet before the event reaches its natural end. There’s more about cash out elsewhere in this betting techniques section.

Live betting can have you on the edge of your seat as you cheer your selection on. If there’s live streaming of the event, then it’s even better as you can see the actual event. Other games have an online pitch that shows where the ball is and whether your selection is defending or on a dangerous attack. Keep an eye on the odds that are shown because when they change to ‘SUS’ that means betting is suspended and it’s possible a goal might just be on its way which will lead to an entirely new market being formed.

Tips for Live Betting

It’s important to concentrate on the odds that are on offer as they will be constantly changing. Make sure you know exactly what you are betting on and that you fully understand the market in which you are placing bets. Knowing the rules is important, for example when in a basketball match you bet on the result with odds available for regular and overtime.

If you can watch the actual event, then it’s even better. You can see whether it’s a flowing game that could see lots of scores or a tight game that would make you place live bets on a low-scoring affair.

Just because a team takes an early lead, don’t go placing hefty bets at skimpy odds. Many a time teams will end up not winning and thanks to live betting you’ll have a big loss on your hands. 

Live betting has changed the betting industry, both in shops and online. When you log on to an online gambling site, you’ll probably head straight for the in-play section. Live betting adds so much excitement to gambling, but you need to treat it with care. Stay calm, concentrate and double-check any bets you make to avoid making mistakes.

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