When you are making your football selections, it’s not the easiest of tasks. There’s a lot of thought that needs to go into the process before making a final decision whether to back them or not. This article will explain some of the areas that you need to look at.

Recent Results

Thankfully these days we have a whole wealth of statistics that can be accessed online. It’s important to look at these when working out which teams to back. Say for example, we are looking to place a bet on an English Premier League game in which Everton are hosting Crystal Palace.

Looking at their respective league positions is a first step, but it doesn’t tell anything like the whole truth. Everton might be five places higher than their opponents, but recent form must be considered. It may be that Everton are on a poor run, while Palace have had some good wins in recent weeks. Of course, if Everton have been getting plenty of wins and Palace are on a losing run, your decision will be a lot easier but it’s a bit more complex than that.

Who Have They Been Playing?

Don’t just look at the end results but also take into consideration who they have been playing. If Everton’s wins have come against struggling sides such as Huddersfield Town or Cardiff City, then their wins owe a lot to the poor form of their opponents. If, however, the wins have come against sides such as Arsenal and Watford, then the quality of the beaten sides is a lot higher and Everton’s form looks impressive.

It’s the same when it comes to defeats. If Everton go into this game on a run of three straight defeats, you might not fancy betting on them. If, however, those losses have been against Manchester City, Tottenham and Liverpool, then it’s understandable. If they have been losing to relegation candidates, then look elsewhere.

Home and Away Form

It’s important to consider home and away form when making your decisions. Some teams are extremely strong when playing at home and rarely lose. Others are inconsistent and struggle to string together successive wins. Then there are the teams who for some reason just struggle at home. Perhaps it’s the way they play and are better playing away from home as their strength is in attacking on the break.

Take a good look at the recent home and away form before making your decision. The home team may have had some recent wins, but where have they been achieved? If those wins have come on their travels with poor form at home, then they aren’t such a good bet to get a home win. Then again, they might be up against a team that are appalling on their travels.

Team News

Form is important but so is the team news. A team may have been getting good results but if they are going to be missing key players, that changes everything. On the other hand, a team may have important players making their return and that can have an influence on the result. In an age where squad rotation is prominent, it often pays to leave placing your bet until after the line-ups have been confirmed.

As you can see, there is plenty to consider when looking at the form that a team is in. Access the statistics that are available online and that will help you in making your decision. Look at who teams have been playing, how good they are home and away and the team selection. Doing this will give you a good idea on whether or not to back your selection.

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