The number of different markets that are available when betting on football has gone through the roof in recent years. Some help the gambler because they don’t require them to predict the end result. One of these is the Both Teams to Score Bet. This can produce quick wins or might even go to the last kick of the ball. It’s a popular bet but one that needs a lot of thought put into it.

Both Teams to Score – Yes

A team that scores regularly are likely to fulfil their side of the bet. If they don’t possess a good defence, then the chances of both teams scoring will be enhanced. Look at who they have been playing recently. If they have been scoring against strong sides, that’s a good sign they will end up on the scoresheet. Conceding against weaker sides makes the chance of them keeping a clean sheet less likely.

Home and away form has to be considered. Some teams are strong at home and concede few goals, not ideal for this type of bet. Others score and concede regularly, Bournemouth for example, so are good to bet on.

The away team’s ability to score goals on their travels is of vital importance. Some teams score plenty at home but struggle to repeat that form when playing away from home. Then there are the teams who don’t have problems scoring away from home but also regularly concede, they are ideal for this bet.

Team News

This plays an important part because it’s a bet that is dependent on attack and defence. If a side is missing their top strikers, then the chance of them scoring is less likely. However, if a top striker is making his return, then their goal scoring chances will be improved. The same applies with defence and a team missing a few defenders will be handy to bet on as their chances of keeping a clean sheet won’t be so high.


A team that is ultra-defensive isn’t one that is going to give you a good chance of success with this kind of bet. If a team loves to attack, then they are ideal because it’s more than likely as well as scoring they will also concede.

Two-legged European ties are interesting with this bet. A team that has a first-leg deficit to make up will have to be a bit more adventurous than normal. Going forward to score that goal that gets you back in the tie can lead to goals but also gaps at the back that can lead to goals being conceded.

Both Teams to Score – No

You don’t have to bet on both teams to actually score because this is a double-edged bet. It’s a yes or no bet so you can also look for games where only one of the teams score. Of course, neither might score, but if that’s what you think, there’ll be much better odds for predicting a 0-0 correct score.

When there is a game between two sides of varying abilities, a bet on both teams not to score is more likely to be a success, though the odds won’t be so good. For example, if England take on Andorra in an international, both teams to score is unlikely. When it’s England v Spain, a bet on both to score is more likely to be a winner.

When one team has a great defence, a bet on both teams not scoring is likely to be a winner. Teams that are going through a bad patch and struggling to find the back of the net will also have you opting for the ‘no’ option.


There’s a lot to consider with this bet but it can be profitable. Even more so if you think a match between two high-scorers might not see both teams score.. For even better odds, go for the match result and both teams to score market.

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